Ah Sophia – so honest, so brave as always. ❤ I struggle with the whole ‘I know there will be a better person out there for who I love who can make her happier, so how can I possibly not have her be happier?’ feeling as well. The best piece of advice I got was – ‘Anish, stop living in the past. Unfortunately, it is a numbers game and you have to roll the dice. Just like it’s probably hard to come and talk to me about this, take the leap with that person you’re crushing on. There is no downside.’ Sounds straightforward I know but just like found the courage to write this article, I think you’ll find the courage to roll the dice. ❤


Trying to incubate my own social enterprise. Also these consume me: data, spoken-word and friggin’ Arsenal. https://anishmalpani.com

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