I don’t have anything significant to say these days. Or maybe, saying “significant” stuff doesn’t cut it anymore.

I could paint a perfectly plush picture on how the tides of entrepreneurship are rough but rewarding. “Exactly what I signed up for.”

Or I could flip it, juxtaposing it with the perils of getting drawn into a fantasy world that makes little sense to the people outside of it, all the while secretly seeking sympathy likes. “Look, I’m humble but I’m trying to be better than you.”

I could repeat the same lessons countless other entrepreneurs have written about, seeking refuge…

I feel like books have a way of shaping the journey of our minds.

And there are certain books that drop in at just the right time, leaving behind ideas and emotions that our minds bind to, which eventually shape the way we move forward.

That is what I seek — ideas and inspiration. Ideas that lie underneath all the minutiae. The details matter, but only to the extent that they establish credibility. Outside of that, it is the ideas that linger. It is the courage that inspires. …

I’m currently locked out of my bathroom.

The locksmith is an hour or so away, familiar with where I live and what he needs to do, because he solved the same problem yesterday. It’s early morning so my black coffee must do as an anti-bacterial mouthwash for now.

Nothing like a sloppy start to life in a new city.

After spending almost a year meandering around Maharashtra, Pune seems like a city with the right balance — just the right amount of hustle and bustle, and cheaper than the other urban behemoths.

It should be my home for now. Or…

Have you heard of the difference between causal reasoning and effectual reasoning?

Well I hadn’t either. But when I did, it gave me that tingly, joyous feeling that resonance beckons. It helped me make sense of the loneliness I had been feeling in the pursuit of entrepreneurship.

Wait, don’t Google it, let me explain.


I got locked down in Aurangabad. I was supposed to be there for a three-week project, but then the mighty forces of (human) nature had other ideas.

The three weeks quickly became three months, and the illusion of my “plans” swiftly fell through. …

How I gained more for less than a fifth of the price of a top MBA

I quit the corporate world to pursue purpose in the social impact space. But I knew nothing about social impact.

So, I thought of doing an MBA with a focus on social entrepreneurship. But that just didn’t ring right — how am I going to learn about poverty sitting in a fancy classroom? And expensive much? So, I settled on doing it myself — essentially learning by doing.

In two years, I lived in three countries, worked closely with three organizations and over fifteen social entrepreneurs, learnt a new lenguaje, learnt how to code, earned board seats on two non-profits…

I have been on a nervy adventure of starting a social enterprise focused on multidimensional poverty here in India. For those that have been following, some of y’all are probably wondering — dude, get with it already. Noted, noted, almost there.

For now, here’s where my heads at.

When it comes to starting a social enterprise, it’s super important to understand your burning, or the depth of the problem you care about. It’s a never-ending process, but probably the most important.

Over the past three years, I have been fortunate to have the resources to really understand the poverty space…

Using data to break out India’s multidimensional poverty by occupation


Ever since I quit the corporate world, the story I have been telling myself is that I want to work on uplifting the poorest.

I am data-man, or so I would like to think. So, it is essential for me to understand the size and depth of this problem of poverty. And how do you even define poverty? Let alone quantify it?

Over the past three years, I believe I have earned a decent understanding of it. This is an attempt at formalizing that understanding.

First, what is poverty?

Believe it or not, this isn’t straightforward. …

I woke up a little dejected this morning. With a sense of futility and fatigue that eclipses the extremes of physical and mental burnout. The best word for it is probably blah.

I saw the Barstool founder eloquently rant away about the totalitarian lockdown. And then there was banter between him and Musk.

I then read about how Russian doctors are dropping like flies — diseased, either mentally or physically, while somehow falling through windows.

My morning coffee ritual is a conversation with my uncle who I am locked in with. He talked about how one of my grand aunts…

An estimated ~2 crores or ~20% of all workers employed by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are at risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic and our response to the pandemic. MSMEs in 8 states / union territories are especially vulnerable. Why? How? Let’s break it down.


On the 13th of May, the central government announced 6 sweeping reforms / stimuli for MSMEs in India worth Rs. 3.7 lakh crores (~US$ 50 billion). Only 15% of that was additional cash, but all in all, it was still staggering. And exciting.

But, only 7% of all MSMEs (as defined before these…

Thursday, March 5th, 2020–1:23pm, Sangamner, India.

All kinds of humbled right now.

It is my second day here in Sangamner, and it feels like so much has already happened. I have been in India for over two months now and it’s been a little surreal, a little slow, a little lost, a little uncertain. I have been a little sick throughout, and it feels like a little bit of a lot of the world is falling ill along with me as the Corona Virus sweeps fear across the masses. …

Anish Malpani

Trying to incubate my own social enterprise. Also these consume me: data, spoken-word and friggin’ Arsenal. https://anishmalpani.com

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